75 Miles From Home…

A few day ago, Leeds’ finest proletariat scotch egg fancier posted THIS intriguing article.

After initially being impressed by the quality of beers brewed in the north of England I began wondering if I could happily survive on beers that are brewed within a 75 mile radius of Swindon, my current hometown.

The local big boys, Arkells and Wadworth, instantly sprang to mind but would I be happy if it was only their brews that passed my lips? Sadly, I’m not much of an Arkells fan and although Wadworth create some tasty enough seasonal offerings I’m sure I’d soon find myself hankering for something a bit more complex and insane.

Thankfully, Bristol isn’t too far down the road which means that I can enjoy the delicious delights brewed up by Arbor Ales and the Bristol Beer Factory. If I head the other direction along the M4 corridor I can have a couple of very tasty refreshment stops at Lovibonds and Windsor & Eton before hitting London. Of my three favourite capital city brewers, Camden Town are safely within the zone and the Kernel eked in by a few hundred metres but unfortunately Redemption decided to locate their brewery just the wrong side of White Hart Lane.

I’m sure I’d have a pleasant enough life if I only drank beers from just those 6 breweries – at a push I’d be happy with beer from only Arbor and Kernel. The slight problem is that the 6 of them don’t have a huge market presence too far beyond their local parish (not necessarily a bad thing) so if I headed north or south into the relative wilderness I’d very possibly struggle to fully satisfy my tastebuds. However, there are quite a few other breweries in the zone who can create a palatable enough beverage – Hook Norton to the north and Palmers to the south to name just two – so I’d never have to resort to cola or fruit juice. And, of course, the supermarket shelves are usually well enough stocked with offerings from Fuller’s, Hop Back, Purity and Badger that I wouldn’t have to get stressed if I fancied a bit of a beer hit while lazing around the house.

Yeah, I’d miss the likes of BrewDog, Summer Wine, Mikkeller and a whole host of American and Belgian brewed beers but I do believe that there are enough quality beers brewed 75 miles or less from my doorstep that I could get by quite happily and not feel especially jealous of those sampling beer from all corners of the globe. Maybe one month I’ll actually be mad enough to give it a go…


The map above shows the 75 mile zone and 32 of the breweries located within the zone.

The 32 breweries are:

1. Purity / 2. Hook Norton / 3. Wychwood / 4. Otley / 5. Brains / 6. Wickwar

7. Arbor / 8. Bath / 9. Bristol Beer Factory / 10. Butcombe / 11. Box Steam / 12. Moles

13. Wadworth / 14. Arkells / 15. Weighbridge / 16. Ramsbury / 17. Three Castles

18. Stonehenge / 19. Lovibonds / 20. Windsor & Eton / 21. Fuller’s / 22. Camden Town

23. Kernel / 24. Cotleigh / 25. Moor / 26. Cottage / 27. Hop Back / 28. Downton

29. Art Brew / 30. Palmers / 31. Badger / 32. Ringwood

I’m sure there are a few more breweries within the zone but the 32 listed are ones that I know I’ve tasted beer from.

~ by landells on February 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “75 Miles From Home…”

  1. Cheers for the mention, Mark. I don’t think I’ve had any Arbor Ales, so will keep an eye put for them.

    You make a good point about availability: a lot of the most interesting breweries on my list are nowhere to be found in the supermarkets. Fortunately though I would be able to get them in Beer Ritz, North Bar and Mr Foleys.

    Will add a link to this on my blog when I get home.


    • I like Arbor Ales a lot. They are starting to become more and more regular at London’s finest beer institutions such as the Euston Tap and Craft and Cask so with a bit of luck it won’t be too long before they make an appearance in Leeds.

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