SCAC Odyssey 104 (Part 1: New Beer List)

Once again the Auto Club announced they were coming back Europe and once again I was gleefully checking dates and booking hotels and flights. I love the band’s music and I always have an immense time at their gigs but another reason I love their European tours so much is that it gives me an opportunity to visit places I probably wouldn’t otherwise visit and it also gives a great chance to drink beer that I haven’t previously encountered. So many thanks to Slim Cessna and the other Auto Club members for refreshing the parts of me that other bands don’t reach.

This little trip to the continent gave me the opportunity to spend some time in Amsterdam (a city I visited quite a few times before and love very much) and it also took me to Rotterdam and Groningen for the first time. And it allowed me to sample several delicious beers that I’ve never seen on British shores. As I’m a bit of a sad fuck, I like to compile lists so I’ve knocked up a list of the beers I discovered during my 4 days in the Netherlands. I’m not going to list every beer I drunk as, being honest, I don’t really want everyone knowing that on Sunday I drank a dozen cans of Hertog Jan Pilsener. I’ll discuss the beers in greater detail in the main blog posts that follow.


Jacobus Rye Pale Ale [5.3%] by Jopen at In de Wildeman

Roock [6%] by S.N.A.B. at In de Wildeman

Tripel Hop 2012 [9.5%] by Duvel at In de Wildeman

XX Bitter [6%] by De Ranke at In de Wildeman


Pilsener [5%] by Brand at Four Roses Restuarant

Brugse Zot [6%] by De Halve Maan at Stadtlander

Mac Ben [7%] by St Feuillien at De Toeter

Kanon [11.6%] by Grolsch at De Toeter

Delirium Red [8.5%] by Huyghe at De Toeter

Tripel Karmeliet [8.4%] by Bosteels at De Pintelier


Pilsener [5.1%] by Jan Hertog


Red Ale [5%] by Murphy at Paddy Murphys


Mean Manalishi DIPA [8.2%] by Hoppin Frog at Beer Temple

Mooie Nel IPA [6.5%] by Jopen at Beer Temple

jah-va [10.6%] by Southern Tier at Beer Temple

Wild Dog [9.5%] by Flying Dog at Beer Temple

Imperial Stout [9.2%] by Left Hand at Beer Temple

Black IPA [8%] by Emelisse at ‘t Arendsnest

Wijs [6.9%] by Christoffel at ‘t Arendsnest

Maelstrøm [9.2%] by S.N.A.B. at ‘t Arendsnest

Houten Haarlemmer [10.2%] by Jopen at ‘t Arendsnest

White Label Barley Wine 2011 [10.5%] by Emelisse at ‘t Arendsnest

Lentebier [7.0%] by Jopen at Cafe Internationaal


~ by landells on June 5, 2012.

5 Responses to “SCAC Odyssey 104 (Part 1: New Beer List)”

  1. Bloody hell, that’s a very long list. Looking forward to the review

    • I reckon I was in the Netherlands for 80 hours and 68 beers in total… perhaps a tad excessive. I might have a wee break until Chester

  2. That’s under one beer per hour so that’s fine. Bit of detox probably wouldn’t go amiss…

  3. When’s Chester? Saturday?

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