Amsterdam Beer Temple

I planned to write this blog post back in June but never quite found the time to get round to it… then today while rummaging in my wallet I found this…

I was in the Netherlands on Auto Club duty and had already scooped some tasty beverages in Amsterdam, Groningen and Rotterdam but with another 24 hours until my flight back home I found myself back in the capital city and sitting at the bar of one of the great drinking establishments of Europe – Beer Temple.

The Beer Temple is a beautifully modern bar and instantly feels different from the other drinking dens I like to lurk in when stumbling through Amsterdam. It has 30 draft lines and hundreds of bottles and is home to some of the planet’s finest brewers – Mikkeller, BrewDog, Stillwater, Great Divide, Green Flash, et al. Like those in most Dutch good-beer bars the staff of Beer Temple have the aloof-friendliness that I’ve grown to understand and admire: initially the relationship is purely functional and polite but once they’ve realised that you are there to drink good beer and not cause trouble the relationship drifts into the realms of informative and talkative.

When I arrived there was a retired couple from Neath sitting at the bar. The woman was sticking to her usual rum & coke but the man was experiencing a beer epiphany and having already indulged in a few IPAs had now moved joyfully onto downing some Imperial Stouts… by the time they’d staggered out he’d almost convinced himself to open a craft beer bar in southwest Wales.

Just like the Welshman, my plan was to have a couple of IPAs then hit the stouts and porters. My opening salvo was a Mean Manalishi [8.2%] from Hoppin’ Frog, which was swiftly followed by a Mooie Nel [6.5%] from Jopen, whose Jopenkerk tap room I’d visited in Haarlem while on a previous Auto Club excursion. With a couple of super refreshing IPAs inside me it was time to move on to the dark beers: a Southern Tier jah-va [10.6%], a Barrel-Aged Gonzo [9.5%] and an Imperial Stout [10.2%] from Left Hand – all on draft and all absolutely delicious.

Sometime during my little drinking session a crowd of Britlanders woandered and ordered a round of Heineken. The barman and a few of the customers bellowed out a well-meant NOOOOO!!! which reminded me of this excellent Kids in the Hall sketch. With some guidance they ordered their Heineken replacements and took a seat at a table… a few minutes later with little fanfare and some glasses still housing beer they made their retreat – guess you can’t win them all.

Sadly, on Sundays Beer Temple closes at 10pm but it’s not all gloom and doom as just a few minutes stagger away is Arendsnest – the sister bar of Beer Temple. It also boasts 30 draft lines and hundreds of bottles but uniquely it only sells Dutch beers. No Belgian. No American. No British. Just the finest Dutch beers available. There were still two hours of drinking to be done at Arendsnest so I headed there… I’ll let you know if I ever find the receipt.

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~ by landells on September 28, 2012.

4 Responses to “Amsterdam Beer Temple”

  1. …and the Haybag gets mad when she finds my old receipts. They’re not just old receipts, they’re memories. How can you get mad at memories, woman?!

    • Memories are what separates us from goldfish… and little bits of paper are very important when you drink loads of beer and your memory goes a bit wonky

  2. We stumbled across this place on Thursday by complete accident and you’ve captured the place perfectly. It’s a must visit place for any beer lover.


    • I’ve been to Beer Temple a few times over the last couple of years – no trip to Amsterdam is complete without a few there. I think the thing that made me most happy on my last visit there was that my iProduct still had the correct password for their WiFi… bloody saddo that I am!

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