The Road To The Road Of Excess

On Saturday (15/12/12) I headed to London to get drunk with my CAMRGB comrades and I am proud to report that it was a grand weekend of beer and merriment… some might say too much beer. When I returned home I thought it would be interesting to calculate how many units of alcohol I’d consumed over the weekend. After initially just calculating the units of Friday to Sunday I then decided to count back to the Monday so I had figures for an entire week. Here are the results:

Total units of alcohol – 168

Mon – 23, Tue – 2, Wed – 19, Thu – 11, Fri – 20, Sat – 49, Sun – 38

Going by current guidelines I’ve drunk roughly eight times the recommended level. Admittedly, this has been far from a regular week as it started with a shareholders meeting at BrewDog Bristol and ended with a couple of days drinking in London and for all but two days of the week I’ve been on holiday from work. As a bit of a one-off it was a damn enjoyable week but I’m fully aware that such extravagance on a regular basis would be severely damaging to both my health and my bank balance. I’ll now be taking things at a more sedate pace… until I arrive in Denver on the 27th.

Anyway, for those who appreciate such things, here are a few more stats for you

Total number of beers – 68
Mon – 12, Tue- 1, Wed – 6, Thu – 6, Fri – 7, Sat – 19, Sun – 17

Strongest beer – Tokyo* by BrewDog at 18.2%
Weakest beer – Table Beer by The Kernel at 3.1%

Beer was consumed in Swindon, Bristol & London and in twelve pubs (including all BrewDog bars south of the Watford Gap), one brewery (The Kernel), two private residencies and a noodle kitchen


~ by landells on December 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Road To The Road Of Excess”

  1. Some might see excess in your statistics. What I see: Some room for improvement on Tuesday.

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