Denver 12-Bar Blues (First Verse)

Between the 27 December 2012 and 2 January 2013 I was in Denver, Colorado. Here’s a quick round-up of where I sank a few brews…

Cheeky Monk – 534 East Colfax Avenue

A decent sized and pleasant enough space – brick walls, dark wood, booths and continental beer tat.  Home to an impressive collection of Belgian beer delights – both from the bottle and on draft. It’s also stocks a solid selection of beer from American brewers such as Stone, Dogfish Head, Avery and Russian River. Due to its proximity to The Fillmore it can be a bit of a beacon for drunken nutters staggering home after a gig but thankfully they don’t hang around too long and the bar staff seem pretty well-versed in handling them. The food is edible but unremarkable. One of the five Denver bars to feature in The Ladies of Craft Beer’s West Coast Brew Brawl. A great place.

Irish Snug – 1201 East Colfax Avenue

As the name suggests there is a bit of an Irish theme going on at this bar but nothing that makes you think you’re gonna get lynched by a marauding band of leprechauns. The draft beer list is packed full of Colorado greats but also boasts offerings from the likes of Goose Island, Deschutes, Stone… and Guinness. I’m sure most beer geeks would saunter past without giving this place a second glance and although it certainly isn’t the finest bar in town it’s fine enough for anybody to drink away an hour or three. And the food is good.

Great Divide – 2201 Arapahoe Street

The tap room of one the planet’s best breweries and the place where you’ll find 16 Great Divide beers on tap – all your GD favs will be available as will a few seasonals and, if you’re lucky, some one-off brews. It is a small and highly popular place so prepare to be squashed and jostled as you try to buy a beer but if you hang around long enough a load of people will head off on a tour of the brewery and you’ll be able to breathe will you drink. If you go into the back room you can watch the brewers as they work there magic and peruse the wide array of GD merchandise. While there make sure you pour yourself a water. No trip to Denver is complete with a trip to the Great Divide Tap Room. Time well spent.

Goosetown Tavern – 3242 East Colfax Avenue

A great place. The draft list is impressive (here’s what was on the night I visited). And they shift at least 15 kegs of PBR every week! The food is great and well-priced. The jukebox plays the Auto Club! The toilet doors feature paintings of Sid & Nancy. Total and utter quality. And if you’re very lucky you might get to hang with a Lupercalian.

Lion’s Liar – 2022 East Colfax Avenue

A must visit for all SCAC fans. A true dive bar that has live music most nights. The beer list is poor – only Bud Light and PBR were on draught – but like most Denver bars you can always take refuge in a bottle of Fat Tire.

Freshcraft – 1530 Blake Street

A modern and stylish bar that manages to stay on the correct side of pretentious. The draft list is extensive but not mind bogglingly so – it’s displayed on TV screens above the bar. While I was there I indulged in a Hellhound On My Ale by Dogfish Head and a saison flight that featured Boulevard Brewing, Denver Beer Co and the Dogfish, Victory & Stone du BUFF. The food looked fantastic but as I was still pleasantly stuffed from breakfast at Sam’s No.3 I had to give it a miss. The bottle list featured some very intriguing items – including a Dogfish Ancient Ale – but everything was housed in the fridge and the beers I wanted really deserved to be served at room temperature. One of the five Denver bars to feature in The Ladies of Craft Beer’s West Coast Brew Brawl.

* * *

… click here for Second Verse …


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  1. Sounds brilliant you jammy devil… (jealous)

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