Some Words On Seeing & Smelling Siberia

The other day I deleted a load of notes from iProduct. Some that many moons ago had served their purpose and others that had been typed so far back in time that I no longer had any idea what they actually meant or represented. However, I’ve decided that one of them deserves to be preserved for future generations. It was written 4 August 2012 and was meant to be part of a beer and music pairing but somewhere during the process I must have got sidetracked and it was never completed. Although I stand by every word of it I fully appreciate that it reads like I’m trying to outdo the Sh!t Beer Geeks Say posse… 

* * *

Siberia by Ilkley (brewed in collaboration with Melissa Cole)

… but hazy is good cos hazy reminds me of the glorious heat haze that occasionally radiates from the road at 8am and makes me wanna spend the day in the garden drinking beer and eating olives and reading the poetics of Blake & Ginsberg.

It’s also a lively little devil. It pours with a whopper of a head that’s as white as Santa’s beard and as effervescent as Syd’s elephant.

The nose is intoxicatingly inviting. So much so that I think it’s fair to term it a ‘legal high’. Strawberries are complimented with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped off with a generous sprinkling of freshly cracked black pepper. And I’m not talking about crappy supermarket strawberries that have been forced on with gas and drugs and a big shitty stick. I’m talking about big juicy delicious strawberries that have been grown with passion and love. Strawberries that would have the mighty but sadly deceased Percy Thrower nodding sagely as he caressed them with his big earthy fingers.

* * *

Suggested musical pairing: Mother Fist & Her Five Daughter by Marc Almond

* * *

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~ by landells on July 30, 2013.

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